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Room :

All kinds of events, cocktail, conference, entertainment, exhibition, fashion show… can be organised in this very nice 360m² room

The maximum capacity of the room is set at 300 people.

It has a polished standing wooden floor.

On either side of the room is a row of large windows, all of which can be obscured by remotely controlled curtains.

At the back of the room, a spacious staircase leads to the second level along which a mezzanine allows the extension of the event taking place on the lower level (exhibition, presentation stands, etc.).


Reception facilities :

The hall has a 60m² reception hall with marble floors and has

- a cloakroom with clothes racks with tickets,

- a kitchen with chip kettles, gas cookers, plate warmers, bain-marie cooking device and fridges

- a bar with a beer pump (Jupiler and Blanche heads) and 3 two-door fridges


Furniture :


Catering services or organisers of events such as « dancing party, fashion show, dinner, tea party or cocktail », will have to place the needed furniture and, at the end of the activity put it back on the carts

The available furniture consists of:

350 chairs

25 round tables with a diameter of 180 cm (Maximum 10 people)

12 tables of  175cm x 75cm

10 high bar tables

10 bistro tables

10 double hinged painted wooden panels (300cm x 120cm) designed to hang big size canvases or frames.

65 midnight blue CLIPSYSTEM panels (200cm x 100cm), their assembly allows flexibility in the layout. They can be used as background for stands or as hanging panel for paintings. Their nylon cover allows velcro fastening (200gr/cm2).

Various sizes of exhibitions stands (+/- 20 pieces).

Technique :

Stage width: 10m

Stage length: 5m

Height: 8m

Technical management :

The technical booth is on the second floor of the room, divided into 3 spaces (sound, lighting and projection) laid out with bays opening on the audience.

A technical control space is also provided in the room.

Sound system :

Sound equipment fleet:

1 Yamaha TF-3 digital desk

 1 FOH system composed of 2 pairs of D&B Y10P + V-GSUB 

 4 Dynacord VM15 monitors


 Sennheiser Microphone

(1x e840s, 6x e845)

Wireless microphone

(2x hand microphones, 1x headphone)

Lighting :

Lighting equipment fleet:

1 Avolite Pearl or ADB Cantor lighting desk

18 profile spot ETC source four 

30 PAR 64

10 PAR LED Chauvet Professional COLORado 1-Quad Zoom

1 Smoke machine

(MDG Atmosphere + Fan) 

Almost the whole range of filters Lee is available.

Video :

The room is equipped with 1 Barco F80 vidéoprojector of 9 000 lumen.

The screening is made via a PDS Barco that will allow switching between all types of devices (DVD, Blu-Ray, computer,…) under all types de connectics (VGA, DVI, HDSDI,HDMI, Composite,…) during the event.

The video projection is made on a 8m x 8m motorised screen situated at the back of the stage.

Accessories :

The room has : 

1 piano Kawai GX7

25 elements of the podium each measuring 200cm x 100cm (different heights from 20cm to 100cm) displayed as requested.

A Marley type dance floor

(light grey or black)

Stage machinery - Dressing :

The room has : 

1 truss H30 of 10m on upstage

2 powered beams above the stage

2 fixed beams hold the FOH lighting

(The height under grill is of 8m)

1 background curtain

4 curtains can be placed Italian or German way.

A backstage can be laid out on either side of the stage frame that varies from 10 to 6 m.

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