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Room :

This beautiful theatre can seat an audience of 662.

The floor can accommodate 466 spectators and the balcony 196.

The seats are numbered.

About 120 parking spaces are reserved to activities organized in the centre. 

It is possible to organize your own bar.

No corkage fee will be due.



Reception facilities :

Coffee breaks and cocktails can be organized in a large reception area situated before the entrance to the room.

Bar, cloakroom, catering area are all spaces that will facilitate the event occurrence. 

A VIP lounge is also available for distinguished guests to be more personally welcomed.

Technique :

Stage width: 10m

Stage length: 10m to the curtains and 12m to the edge of the stage.

Height: 10m

Technical management :

Situated at the back of the room a technical booth divided into 3 spaces (sound, lighting and projection) is laid out with bays opening on the audience. 

A technical control space is also provided in the room.

An intercom link is available between the control room and the stage.

Sound system :

Sound equipment fleet:

Yamaha LS9 or QL1 digital sound desk,

Stagebox 24/12

1 FOH system composed of a D&B Line array , subwoofers placed under the front stage, front fields along the stage and an adjustment at the balcony.

The system control is computerized on LAN (local network).

10 MAX 15 monitors from D&B 

Shure microphone

5x Sm58 - 8x SM57 - 3x Beta 58 – 1x Beta 87 - 1x Tg - 4x microflex including 1 voice

Sennheiser microphone

1x MD421 – 2x MKH 415

6x MD441

Audix microphone

2x OM5 - 7x ADX51 - 2x I5 - 2x D2  1x D4&D6 - 3x ADX60

Beyer microphone

(1x MC80)

AKG wireless microphones (4x HF hand or (dpa) head microphones  & 2 lavallier)

Double CD player

MD and Da player


Lighting :

Lighting equipment fleet:

1 GrandMA 3 Compact XT light desk


Front of House  (10 + 4 profile spot)

ETC Source Four Tungsten HD LED

15 projectors PC 2KW (Spotlight Milano)

14 projectors PC 1KW (RJ Lutin)

 9 projectors PC 1KW (ADB)

22 profile spot Robert Juliat 1 KW (11x 613 sx & 11x 614 sx)

11 profile spot Robert Juliat 2 KW (714 sx)

80 Pars 64 (cp 60-61-62 )

2 sets of ACL

6 blacklights 400w

16 Quartz 1 KW (Horiziodes,Cycliode)

1 followspot Robert Juliat Victor 1800W HMI

11 moving light WASH LED  

( Ayrton Wildsun 500)

7 moving light (Alpha Spot 300 HPE)

4 moving light (Alpha Spot 575)

10 Chauvet COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 

14 Sunstrip T10 (including 4 active)

10 lateral light towers composed of  

2x PC 1 KW and of 2x Par 64 1 KW

1 Smoke machine (MDG Atmosphere + Fan) 

Almost the whole range of filters Lee is available.

174 Robert Julia 3KW dimmers

1x 32A CEE/Tri

1x 63A CEE/Tri

1x 125A CEE/Tri

Video :

The room is equipped with a Barco DP2K-20C video projector of 20 000 lumen.

The screening can be made either with DCP (Digital Cinema Package), or via an ImagePro series 2. This will allow switching between all types of devices (DVD, Blu-Ray, Computer,…) under all types of connectics (VGA, DVI, HDSDI,HDMI, Composite,…) during the event.

The broadcasting of the video source is made from either the control room or the stage.

The video can be projected onto an 8,5m x 8m motorised screen (located 2,8m from the edge of the stage),

but also on the 12m x 8m cyclorama at the back of the stage (located 12 m from the edge of the stage).

Accessories :

A model B Steinway piano

Podiums allowing installation of bleachers for full orchestra.


200cm x 100cm - 24x

200cm x 50cm - 10x

100cm x 100cm - 5x

Different heights

20cm - 40x 

40cm - 40x

60cm - 68x

80cm - 60x

100cm - 20x

A Marley type dance floor

(light grey or black)

Stage machinery - Dressing :

The stage has:

21 conterweight beams and 6 powered beams.

1 slightly glittery stage curtain with variable-speed closing/opening (monitored from the technical booth or the stage) situated at 2m50 from the edge of the stage

1 curtain on rail at mid-stage and another one in front of the cyclorama, all in black velvet

4 leaves of curtains

4 friezes

The entrance to the dressing rooms is stage right. 

A corridor behind the back leads to stage left.

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