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Room :


This little room of about 80 seats is for conferences, seminars, small bands, small concerts, plays, one-man shows.

It has a dressing room with mirrors on either side of the stage.

It is also an extension of the lobby of the auditorium.

Technique :

Stage width: 6,65m

Stage length: 4,10m

Height: 2,80m

Sound system :

Sound equipment fleet :

1 Yamaha QL1 digital sound desk

1 FOH system composed of 2 PS15

4 PS10 monitors

2 sennheiser e85 microphones

Lighting :


Lighting equipment fleet:

1 Avolite Pearl or ADB Cantor light desk

12 600W PC

15 Pars 56 300w

6 Pars Leds ( Elation - Optiquad)

Almost the whole range of filters Lee is available.

Video :

1 Hitachi videoprejector hanging from the ceiling

1 blu-ray player

1 screen at the back of the stage

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